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Meat Products


Our Angus and Irish Dexter cattle are rotated through our pastures throughout the growing season, allowing them to harvest from a wide variety of fresh forage whenever they want. Since the mineral levels in plants change through the seasons, we also provide a variety of “free-choice minerals” and kelp for the animals to select from to balance their nutritional needs. High-quality, organic hay is provided in the winter months. Our beef is leaner than grain-finished beef, with a richer, more complex flavor.


Our hair sheep are kept with the cattle as part of the “flerd” (flock + herd). They complement the cattle in their grazing style as they relish broadleaved “forbs” and woody plants which the cattle don’t eat. This prevents the pastures from becoming overgrown with brush. Meat from hair sheep has a milder flavor than meat from wool sheep.


Our pigs consume a diet of feed that contains no soy or genetically modified organisms. They also have access to pasture and spend a surprising amount of time eating forage. Because of their healthy diet, our pigs don’t have an offensive smell! We receive frequent complements on the flavor of our pork.


Like the pigs, our chickens also enjoy soy-free, GMO-free feed. They are raised in a “pasture pen,” which is moved regularly. This provides protection from predators while allowing the birds to enjoy fresh forage and whatever bugs they can catch. We think you’ll agree that this diet and exercise produces a wonderful flavor that you can’t find in a store!

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